Virtual teambuilding

At a distance and yet close by

In this day and age it is important to connect with your team members outside of zoom. How can you still feel connected from a distance? How can you keep up morale and encourage your team to engage with each other outside the office? Team building through online staff experiences. I will organize- from beginning to end- the perfect event for your team. I will provide you with theme options, activities, design your event calendar, and help make everything run smoothly so you and your team can enjoy yourselves.



Make it visual

I will create a tailor made calendar detailing the activity so that your team can look forward to the activity. I will include a screen saver in the agenda via e-mail that can also be used during the kick-off.

How does it work?

After a few months of working from home in lockdown and yet another self-invented virtual pub quiz, we were in a bit of a rut at our company, which in the “old normal” was characterized by the large number of social events. Fortunately, Marij came to the rescue: she made an event calendar for us with cool virtual events. Marij is very creative, so every single event was awesome and also, perfectly organized. This way we will get through the dark (corona) months!